A life musing...about what comes afterwards - Guest Post!

James Preston Reply 7:23 AM

Well here it is! The Guest Blog Post I've been promising you since last week. I asked Cath Je...

11 Industries Revolutionized by the Internet

James Preston Reply 11:27 AM

The internet has changed the game. Completely. Everything has been radically disrupted by the int...

Free eBooklet on the End Times!

James Preston Reply 7:27 AM

Ok ok! I'm sorry! More End Time stuff. If you're not into it, don't unsubscribe or un...

4 Reasons From A Pastor Why The World Will Not End Soon

James Preston Reply 11:20 AM

Ok, so yes... another post about the End of the World. This is my third in a month. I apologise i...

The Essence of Christianity

James Preston Reply 7:18 AM

Christianity is selfless. The wisdom of this world can often, unwittingly, lean toward selfishnes...

Are We In The End Times?

James Preston Reply 8:26 AM

This week's Blog is a pre-cursor to the release of my first book. I'm pretty excited abou...

A Letter To Sir Thomas Crickett (1971 - 2014)

James Preston Reply 7:30 AM

Dear Thomas, I can't believe you're gone. You are way too young and have way too much a...

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Spiritual Blog of 2013!

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